How to make punjabi style mango pickle

In North India region mango pickle is the all time favourite when it is served with Mathi(popular North Indian snack made with flour , spices and seasoning). In this post we are sharing a perfect Recipe how would you make Mango pickle recipe at home that would last longer. we strictly recommend you to follow the procedure and measurements.

Ingredients Required for 5kg Mangoes :

Recipe To Make Mango Pickle:

After cutting mangoes into pieces remove mango seeds . Wash it thoroughly and dry under Fan for 2-3 hours. Now mix BJH Aam Achar Masala with 1kg salt and 250gms sarso oil . Take a big jar and put 500gms(approx) mangoes and 120gms (approx) masala mix..put the mixture in same proportion in the jar with the Repeated process. Now mix the jar once in a day for 5-6 days. After 6 days pour Remaining 750gms sarso oil in it..

Tips to preserve Mango Pickle For Long Period :

  • BJH Achar Masala is highly recommended because its a mixture of spices in perfect Ratio from 75 years old brand of Amritsar that helps to preserve pickle for long Time.
  • Weight of salt should be 250gms/1 kg of mangoes. When you bring 5kg mangoes after removing seeds 4kg mangoes left. Spices are accordingly
  • Put all the masala that we sent because when achar leaves water the masala soaks all water that helps in preserving it for long time
  • Pickle should be completely dipped in sarso oil and oil level should be 1cm above the pickle ( Fungus should appear if it is not completely dipped in oil )
  • Keep mixing the pickle once in a day for 5-6 days before adding the remaining 750gm oil
  • Don’t dry mangoes under direct sunlight after washing and cutting mangoes otherwise mangoes will Shrink. Dry it only under the Fan
  • After putting masala ingredients and salt ..if you see the excess water left in jar after 2-3 days can place the jar under sunlight

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