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BJH Spices also known as Bhaia JI Di Hatti is the one famous and the oldest shop in Sri Amritsar Sahib which delivers quality products to its customers.We manufacture and sell all kinds of spices . Some of our Specialities are listed below must try them for once. All our item are as per Fssai Standard

Amritsari Speciality Store
BJH Fruit Salt

we are Manufacturer of a product known as ‘ BJH Fruit Salt’ which is very famous all over the world. you can use this product for fruit chat , vegetable salad , fruit juice , raw and roasted paneer , bread toast , tandoori chicken , aloo chat , nimbu pani or lemon soda , boiled egg , roasted cashew and almonds , pakoras , dahi bhalla , corn(bhutta) and many other items. If you haven’t used this product must give it a try for once and we promise that you would gets hooked of its amazing taste..

BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala

BJH Amritsar Prantha Masala

Ab Ghar hi banaye Amritsari Dhaba Style pranthas with BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala . Use it in aloo, gobi, mooli , besan , paneer or in plain pranthas aur such bhi daalne ki jaroorat nahi sir BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala. BJH Prantha Masala is the best Prantha masala and currently India’s most liked Prantha masala on Amazon