India’s Most Liked Amritsari Kulcha Prantha masala

BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala

If you ever visited Amritsar, Punjab then its not possible that you haven’t tried Amritsari Kulcha or Aloo Prantha or any kind of Prantha . Have you ever thought how they would manage to get that delicious taste . Secret of that taste came from the combination of spices that they are using . So here we are presenting that combination of spices at your doorstep in the product named BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala which is a perfect combination of high quality spices and reminds you the exact same taste of Amritsari Kulcha and aloo Prantha. You can use BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala in Aloo , gobi , mooli , besan , paneer , or even in plain pranthas . You need nothing to add in it (except salt). Due to its Mouth-wartering taste and high quality ingredients used its ” THE MOST LIKED PRANTHA MASALA ON AMAZON “. You can check it and read Amazon’s customer reviews by clicking here . No other brands came close to its quality and taste . Many Dhabas and Restaurants are using BJH Amritsari Prantha Masala along with BJH Amritsari Chana Masala and running successfully . If you are a Restaurant or Dhaba owner and and wants to add amritsari taste in your menu you can contact BJH Spices(7889095838) for that.

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